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1982 gmc sierra 2500 diesel

1982 gmc sierra 2500 diesel

The 6. The primary motivation in the 6.

Towing Capacity Chart

In terms of fuel economy, the 6. GM would eventually develop the 6. GM never intended for Detroit's 6. They wanted an engine that could haul hay to, from, and around the ranch while consuming as little fuel as possible. Additional, the robust design of a diesel would mean the engine would outlast a comparable gasoline engine.

Properly tuned and maintained, the engine well known for achieving fuel economy figures well into the 20's; impossible to beat with a small block V-8 or even V-6 gas engine of the same era. Being naturally aspirated a turbocharger was never offered as OEM equipmentthe 6. The heart of its injection system is the Stanadyne DB2 injection pump, the same pump used on the 5. The original 6. The diesel automatic transmissions typically used a different torque converter than the gas engine automatics, although there seems to be some exceptions which relate to the truck's GVWR in which this is not the case.

If swapping transmission from gas to diesel, it is best to acquire the torque converter specific to your application.

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Later 6. Introduced at hp 3, rpm, maximum offered during production was hp 3, rpm.

1982 gmc sierra 2500 diesel

The United States Army's version was rated at hp 3, rpm. Introduced at lb-ft A 2, rpm, the maximum offered rating during production was lb-ft 2, rpm.

The United States Army's version was rated at lb-ft 2, rpm. Many vehicles employed by the United States' Army were powered by the 6. The Army version had a higher output rating of horsepower and lb-ft of torque, quite an increase over the production engines.

While there are a number of high mileage examples, the 6. Overall, the engine has not been particularly popular, but had its place in the market and a moderately sized following, even today. A popular trend is to acquire an 80's 6.

1982 gmc sierra 2500 diesel

The 's diesel chassis does not require any emissions inspections in states that require periodic inspections, and fans of the to body style can modify the trucks as much as they want without running into registration issues.

This is an alternative to finding a or older chassis, which limits the pool of trucks to choose from pre trucks do not require SMOG inspections in CA and states with similar laws. If searching for a used truck powered by the 6. Peak Torque: Introduced at lb-ft A 2, rpm, the maximum offered rating during production was lb-ft 2, rpm.See all 16 photos. My dad is a car guy. In fact, when I was little, he bought an El Camino for work duty, and it has served him faithfully to this very day.

And that has sort of always irked me a little: An ElCo is a car with a big open trunk, if you ask me. When he sold the last of his toys a few years back, I knew it was my time to strike.

I actually planned on this one being a surprise, but that plan failed when he walked into my garage one day and saw me dropping the new engine into this truck.

Finding the right truck and finishing it has taken longer than I thought three years, so far. Those are just the types of things that would annoy my dad. This has to be a single-key, crank-the-ignition, shift, and go type of vehicle for him to enjoy it. There can only be one shift lever on the floor for 4WD, and any locker engagement better be a simple switch mounted conveniently on the dash. Also, this truck will have to be clean—so clean even his yuppie neighbors will admire it.

This has to be something that a hot-rod guy would drive. This month, the engine compartment is going to see a bunch of new parts, and next time, the suspension and axles are going to be addressed. It should be one killer fullsize GMC 4x4 when completed. Close Ad. Forums Photos Videos Industry Videos. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.The Best Truck Of All — i loved this truck, it fit my personality and it was my first everyday driver. Pros: its a very reliable truck. Cons: gas milage was more like gallons per mile instead of miles per gallon.

I really like the dependability of this truck. It rides very smooth. I just wished it got better gas mileage. I have driven a Chevy, Ford and Dodge and would rate this truck above all of these in a Read More. This truck has relatively trouble free kilometers. It is a good looking truck that is fun to drive. It is comfortable and quiet on the road and rides fairly well for a short wheelbase.

It is be This is my first pickup truck. I have owned a small car, and a full size van in the past and I would have to say this is the best out of all three. It has a vortec, with dual exhast and a k and n I use it to commute and to pull my race traler to and from races. Runs like a charm. Power stearing is going away. It has a few dents on rear bumper a Doesn't like to coast well, but passes slow cars with ease. Although just recently the transmission messed up pretty bad started making weird sounds i have no idea what it is but i will fi Have you driven a GMC Sierra?

Rank This Car. User Reviews. William writes:. Primary Use: Commuting to work Pros: its a very reliable truck. Is this helpful? Yes No. Reviews From Other Years. Read all 5 GMC Sierra reviews. Read all GMC Sierra reviews.

6.2L GM/Detroit Diesel

Cars compared to GMC Sierra. Related Models For Sale. Other Years.Towing capacity, sometimes called maximum towing capacity, is the maximum allowable weight that a vehicle can tow. When consulting this towing capacity chart, remember that passenger weight exceeding lbs. Depending on the make and model year of your car or truck, you may be able to find your vehicle's towing capacity on the following chart.

Print "Towing Capacity Chart" 14 October Browse by Make. The data provided by HSW is provided as is without guarantee of any kind, and HSW disclaims all conditions of any kind, expressed or implied, with respect to such data, including the implied fitness for a particular purpose. Acura Towing Capacity. Audi Towing Capacity.

Towing Capacity Chart

BMW Towing Capacity. Buick Towing Capacity. Cadillac Towing Capacity. Chevrolet Towing Capacity. Chrysler Towing Capacity. Dodge Towing Capacity.

1983 GMC 3500 Crew Cab Dually 6.2 Liter Diesel

Ford Towing Capacity. GMC Towing Capacity. Honda Towing Capacity. Hyundai Towing Capacity. Infiniti Towing Capacity. Isuzu Towing Capacity. Jaguar Towing Capacity. Jeep Towing Capacity.

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Kia Towing Capacity. Land Rover Towing Capacity. Lexus Towing Capacity. Lincoln Towing Capacity. Mazda Towing Capacity. Mercedes-Benz Towing Capacity. Mercury Towing Capacity.

Mitsubishi Towing Capacity. Nissan Towing Capacity. Pontiac Towing Capacity. Porsche Towing Capacity. Saab Towing Capacity. Saturn Towing Capacity.

1982 gmc sierra 2500 diesel

Scion Towing Capacity. Subaru Towing Capacity.It was obvious that she had done so at every destination. She asked us what we wanted, listened, asked a few good questions and then did her best to find us what we asked for and we were very pleased with the results.

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1982 GMC 2500 - The Truck GM Never Built: Part 1

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